The Garden Files


The rooftop at 12 Street Catering has been humming with activity this past week with the installation and completion of the much anticipated roof top garden.  Ten grow pods have been installed – each measuring approximately 4’ x 4’. They are equipped with an automated self watering system that can be regulated for ‘smart use’ of water as needed.  The containers boast light weight metal framing, food grade plastic construction and certified organic soil.

Our first ‘tenants’ taking up residence will be the Basil’s; a rather aromatic and heady clan, consisting of Sweet basil, Thai basil, Globe (or Mediterranean basil), Cinnamon basil & Purple basil.  Their neighbors, (who have opted for a stake in a majority of the available real estate) will be the Pomodoro’s.  The Pomodoro’s will boast several heirloom varieties of small fruited tomatoes varying in shape, color and taste.

A rather odiferous but likeable family called the Allium’s have also closed escrow on one of the pods and will be raising their family of red and white onions, garlic, chives and shallots.  Another pod has been claimed by several rogue ‘perennial’ investors including Dame Rhubarb, Horace Horseradish, Sammy Sunchoke, and Ashley Asparagus.

In addition, a conglomerate of high minded investors (Herbs Inc.) are working on a non-hostile take-over of several prime pod locations. Those players consists of several varieties of Thyme, various Sages, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley and perhaps some exotic and rare specimens if available.  There is a rumor that a band of roving gypsies who call themselves the ‘Lettuces’ will sow themselves and settle into one of the pods as well.  Needless to say, it will soon get quite interesting up there, and as the weather turns warmer things are bound to pop up, pop out and grow into something glorious, fun, colorful and delicious as the season progresses.

Many thanks and kudos to our contract engineer, planner and project manager; Matt Sigda of YARD LANDSCAPE SERVICES who created and built ‘our bit of heaven’ with a smart, whimsical and sensible approach.  Matt ‘raised the bar’ so all at 12 Street could ‘raise the roof’!

*A special note for our organic gardening friends… If  you are looking for organic growing medium, our suggestion is ‘ORGANIC MECHANICS’; a perfect blend of organic soil ingredients.  Go to for further info.  Happy gardening!

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